CASA was formed in Moorestown 20 plus years ago. We are an organization, which takes a proactive interest in keeping our children substance free. We hope this will have a tremendous impact on the future and lives of the youth of Moorestown. Continue reading


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All Night Dodgeball is Back!

all night db fbAll Night Dodgeball is back!

The event will be Saturday February 22nd from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM.

Registration packets are available in the Moorestown High School nurse’s office starting Monday 1/27 or click right here –> dodgeball registration form 2014.  Additional details are as follows:

  • Check-in begins at 9:00, games begin at 10:00
  • Event ends at 5:00 AM
  • Easy-Out form to let you leave without waiting for parent to sign you out
  • 16 teams maximum (first come – first serve basis / nurse will time stamp)
  • 8-10 players per team ($10.00 per player fee)
  • Registration form must be complete to be time stamped.
  • When complete drop off at nurses office in high school and get time stamped

The evening will include  music, food and games.  Prizes will be awarded to the winning team and team with the best uniforms.


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A Special Night With Brad Spicer

IMG_2067.JPG.opt156x399o0,0s156x399Moorestown CASA is pleased and excited to announce a special night with Brad Spicer.

Some of you may have heard about Brad’s story through the news. It is an incredible story and one that you should hear for yourself.

Brad, a 37 year old former Salem High School boys basketball coach who led his team to a South Jersey Group 1 title and state championship appearance six years ago had to leave the team after hitting rock bottom due to his addiction to alcohol. Sober for a little over two years, he has run nearly 10,000 miles to give back. He started Project Run 7,000, with the goal of running 7,000 miles in a year to raise money for addiction awareness and recover. Brad told The South Jersey Times, “The project goal is to raise one dollar for every mile that I run with all of the money going to help individuals and families struggling with addiction. I’m doing it not only to help my recovery and use it as therapy for myself, but to help others. A lot of people are struggling with huge problems. I kind of look at it as every I mile I finish, I hope it inspires one person to find the sober life they’ve been seeking.”

Please join us to hear more of his story and how he is doing to reach his goals.


Brad will be speaking on Monday June 3rd at 7:00 at the Moorestown High School in the Star Center.Monday June 3rd at 7:00 at the Moorestown High School in the Star Center.

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All-Night Dodgeball….7th Year A Great Success

photos for 2013 email

What a night!!   This year’s All-Night Dodgeball held this past Saturday was the best one yet! We had over 125 students competing, 40 or so CASA students volunteering and about 15 adults chaperoning and refereeing. The students had an amazing night and the teacher team, the largest teacher team ever, even held their own playing a bunch of games for the first few hours.I think next year we may get them to stay even later.The night, lasting 8 hours until 5:00 AM, incorporated over 85 games of dodgeball, hours of Dance Dance Revolution, ping-pong, pool, music and food. This year we also had raffle items including a Claude Giroux autographed All Star Hockey Puck, a Mophie iPhone 4 Juice Pack (battery charging case), restaurant gift card and Kiehls men’s and women’s products. The team from Vitamin Water Continue reading


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CASA Retreat 2012 – Emotional & Poignant


Click here for lots of pictures

On the weekend before Hurricane Sandy over 40 high school-aged youth from Moorestown participated in the annual Moorestown CASA retreat at Camp Dark Waters. This was one the best-attended retreats in recent history and the weekend was a rousing success.

The retreat emphasizes leadership, personal growth and substance awareness.   This year we were lucky enough to have some amazing speakers hold a discussion with the students.  Not only were the topics of important substance they were held by local figures that had important stories to share.


The first speaker of the day was Frank Paris, a long time and much loved teacher at the



School.  Mr.

Paris spoke of his sons alcohol related accident while attending the University of Pennsylvania.  The story was emotional and provided a first hand look at the dangers of alcohol for todays youth.  All of the students came away with a new found respect for this high school icon.

374510_456479734388570_418271199_nOur second group of speakers included Mike Welch and his son Chris.  Mr. Welch spoke about his son Evan, a Moorestown student killed in an alcohol related automobile accident in 2007.   This also was an extremely emotional discussion that reminded these high schoolers, none of whom knew Evan as they were in middle and upper elementary schools at the time, of the consequences of your actions.   Chris Welch, Evan’s older brother, expanded on that theme and showed how one persons actions can affect the lives of so many.

We are so grateful to our speakers this year.  Speaking of these intimate and personal feelings is not easy and they did it with such grace and honesty.

Other activities for the weekend included a night hike, where groups of 10 or so students are led through the woods in total darkness and silence and have to rely on their peers to finish the hike successfully. A “sharing bonfire”, a discussion and educational piece, led by Brad Kenney, on one’s identity utilizing a program from renowned youth speaker Josh Shipp, training on a ropes course, and other small group leadership activities.526204_456479011055309_1050092493_n

Of course, these events cannot take place without the help of amazing student and adult leaders. This year, like previous years, our student leaders were great. Amy LaForgia, Erinn Miller and Sarah Zimmer led a fun, informative and successful weekend. Our adult leaders were also wonderful.  Led by Brad Kenney, these leaders included  Liz Cauler, Kendra Kenney, David Burris, and Shari Bobadilla. We cannot thank them enough for giving their time to our wonderful students. They all slept in cold summer cabins and used restroom facilities that are not like home but when you thank them for this they all say “no, thank you” as they gain so much from working with these students. A testament to both the leaders and the students involved with CASA.

Moorestown CASA – Community Alliance on Substance Awareness is a community organization whose mission it is to keep our youth safe and healthy. We do this by providing information, education and healthy alternatives. To find out more about CASA please visit our website http://www.moorestowncasa.com.

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Know! To Strengthen The Parent/Child Connection


Know! To Strengthen The Parent/Child Connection

Most people desire to be connected to others. That’s why social media sites have become so popular, especially among youth. But more important than your child having 500 facebook “friends,” there is a critical need to connect with you, the parent. It is a child’s connection with his/her parents (for better or worse), that will serve as a backdrop to all other interactions and impacts decision-making in the present and in the future.

Children whose relationship with their parents can be characterized as consistent, warm, kind, loving and stable, are much more likely to flourish in other areas of healthy adolescent development. These children are more likely to; initiate positive social interactions with others, respond to situations with empathy, be cooperative with others, exhibit a higher self-esteem and make healthy life choices, including the decision not to use alcohol and other drugs.

Know! to enhance the parent/child connection with these relationship builders:

Spend Time Together: Hanging out and having fun with your child is critical in building and fostering a close connection. Whether it is heading out for ice cream or spending a Saturday afternoon together relaxing and watching movies at home, enjoy some hang time with your son or daughter. Continue reading

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Rock Climbing Event A Great Night

Monday night, about 20 high school students joined us for a few hours of rock climbing at Elite Climbing in Mt. Laurel.    Besides the laughter and fun, the teens also  worked out their bodies and minds.  Between races up a wall and struggling to climb a route many times until successful, the students talked, challenged and supported each other.   All in all it was a great night and most can’t wait to go back.

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When you have a suspicion that your teen is “experimenting” with drugs, what do you do?


Repost from Parents. The ANTI-DRUG website

Get Educated

First, learn as much as you can. Sign up for TheAntiDrug Parenting Tips Newsletter for information and scientific evidence on drug and alcohol use by teens. Or, you can call the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for free pamphlets and fact sheets. They’ll even send it in a plain envelope if you wish. They can be reached at 1-800-662-HELP (24 hours, 7 days a week). Or visit their Web site at www.samhsa.govThank you for visiting theantidrug.com. You are now leaving the site. The Office of National Drug Control Policy is not responsible for the content or information gathering practices of other websites you are linking to.

Have The Talk — Let Them Know You Know
The next thing you can do is sit down and talk with your child. Be sure to have the conversation when you are all calm and have plenty of time. This isn’t an easy task—your feelings may range from anger to guilt that you have “failed” because your kid is using drugs. This isn’t true—by staying involved you can help his/her stop using and make choices that will make a positive difference in his/her life.

Be Specific About Your Concerns
Tell your child what you see and how you feel about it. Be specific about the things you have observed that cause concern. Make it known if you found drug paraphernalia (or empty bottles or cans). Explain exactly how his/her behavior or appearance (bloodshot eyes, different clothing) has changed and why that worries you. Tell his/her that drug and alcohol use is dangerous and it’s your job to keep his/her away from things that put his/her in danger. Continue reading

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All Night Dodgeball is back!

All Night Dodgeball is back!  And this year’s event will be even better than last years.

The event will be Friday February 24th from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM.

Registration packets are available in the Moorestown High School nurse’s office starting 2/2 or click right here –> dodgeball registration form 2012 .  Additional details are as follows: Continue reading

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Good Decisions On and Off the Field

Good Decisions need to happen on and OFF the field. This morning Brent Celek was involved in a car accident. He was the passenger of a vehicle that was going too fast, lost control, and spun into the concrete barrier of an on ramp. Thankfully there were no injuries but the driver of the vehicle took and failed a field sobriety test. He was subsequently arrested and charged with a DUI. Brent is currently in a contract extension that could yield as much as $33m. Wednesday was his birthday and he was celebrating with friends. The accident occurred at approximately 2:30am so we can assume it was after a long night of partying. He is extremely lucky that nothing worse came out of this accident. With that kind of money he could have easily gotten a cab, limo, or private helicopter to take him wherever he needed to go. Instead, he listened to a friend who assured him that he was “ok to drive”. Be smart, take a lesson from Brent and remember that no matter who you are, never get into a vehicle with a friend when they’re drinking. There is always another option available. It might cost money but nothing is more costly than losing your life. It might not be a popular decision with your friends but you wont be worried about popularity when you’re in the hospital. Young people, if you need a ride call your parents. They may be disappointed but its better than them being devastated by your loss. Brent Celek is still one of my favorite football players but it does go to show that even our sports heroes are human and subject to the same peer pressure as us. Stay above the influence and keep your friends safe.

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SpeakUp! is back.

 Moorestown students want to talk. We need to listen. 

SpeakUp! will return to Moorestown High School on Wednesday, February 8th. On-site registration 6:00 pm – 6:40 pm; event 6:45 pm – 9:30 pm.

SpeakUp!, sponsored by Moorestown High School, the Home and School Association and CASA (Community Alliance on Substance Awareness), is a program intended to spark conversation among parents, high school students and educators in regards to some of the most important issues that students are confronted with every day. Continue reading

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